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  These are pictures sent by the new owners to let us know how the babies have grown and how they are doing.

Lionhead buck - Owner Bruce and Carla NM
We wanted you to know that our runt and your runt are the best of buddies. We named him Phillip. Our runt, Revelation, is neutered and very protective of Phillip. They do everything together. We don't think we will need to neuter Phillip. Revelation is nick named Burrito because he was carried around by me in a baby sling when we first got him and he still loves it. So I have started nick naming Phillip, Beans. So I call them beans and burrito. The other 2 are doing great as well. The pedigree, Gamaliel, has the best personality I have ever seen in a bunny. Cornelius is finally out of his skittish stage and will let me pick him up when they are out in the garden exercising. They are wonderful and we thank you. I have been unable to find a show to put Gamaliel in, the NM state fair does not have a category for him. He is amazing.
Holland Lop Doe - Owner Carl and Debbie
Chestnut spayed a few weeks ago and she is doing great. We have paired her with our Dwarf Hotot, Martin. They got into a little bunny quarrel and we had to spay them with some water. They look a little wet in these pics, but you can see how very happy they are now. Here's a picture of Martin using Chestnut as a pillow.
Netherland Dwarf Buck - Owner Heather WY

I just want to thank you for my precious little Netherland Dwarf buck "Crazy". He is doing so well and is constant entertainment around the house, he really lives up to his name! He races around the living room, up and down on the couch, and performs amazing acrobatics in midair! Crazy is such a smart little bunny, he picked up on the litter box situation surprisingly fast and I just couldn't be happier! He still protests to being picked up, but once he's up, he relaxes and has a little piece of banana - so we are working on that. He likes to jump up on to my lap for cuddles while I'm watching TV, but then he's off again to romp and explore. Thank you again for this ridiculously cute little guy!

Double Mane Sable Frost buck - Owner CO

Mufasa and Duran

Double Mane Black Buck Lionhead
Owner: Josh - IN

Here is Josh with digger the black buck! He really enjoyed the rabbit project.Looking forward to purchasing more lionheads!

Holland Lop and Gnome Lionhead
Owner: Louise - KS

Both Caspian and Gideon are doing great. We really have enjoyed them, Gideon is quite the ham of the bunch. Sending pictures of the boys.

Double Mane Sable Frost Buck
Owner: Tiffany - CO

Here is a picture of Mufasa and Billy our Staffy. The dogs love Mufasa and he tolerates them. He is such a good boy like today we sat in the yard together for a couple hours and he would come up and lay on my foot or just lay by me and get brushed. But if you try and brush him on you terms not his he will get mad. Our other dog Duran and him play back and forth behind the futon and if she gets to annoying for him he will stand up and box her in the nose then she lays down. To say the least he has the dogs in check. Our neighbors and friends cannot believe how neat he is and that he is such a good boy. He is losing his baby fuzz in a weird stripe on his back t is kinda funny looking but it is HIM! Well, I cannot thank you enough for the great kid I have now he is perfect and we love him so much! OH he cannot get ENOUGH balls with BELLS!!!

Double Mane Sable Frost Buck(7 weeks)
Owner: Monica - CO

Just wanted to let you know my baby fire bunny is doing very well. It's a running joke with my friends that I'm a FireBunny, as I love firetrucks and am the department photographer for my local fire department, that's the context of the attached photo. I named baby bunny "Eros," after the Greek god of love. Eros loves his new water bottle and is drinking steadily, and he's been macking out in his food dish regularly; leaving lots of little poo and pee droppings so his appetite is good and he seems to be adjusting quite well. He's a super mellow little guy and hasn't seemed scared or nervous at all, and I'm cracking up how he spreads out with all paws, sometimes on his side, so I know he's very relaxed and not stressed. I petted him a little last night but didn't handle him until this morning, just enough to get him familiar with my voice and touch and to have a quick photo op (because I just *have* to brag to all my friends asap :-) So here he is posing on my deck about an hour ago. Monica - CO

Double Mane Orange Lionhead Buck(9 weeks)
Owner: Elizabeth - NE

Here are some recent pictures of the goofball. His favorite thing to do when he is playing is to take off at full speed, skid a few feet to a stop than jump straight up into the air. I'm trying to capture this moment on film, but I've had no luck so far. I'm so thrilled right now. He likes to sit in my lap, but when he has had enough of sitting still he will climb up and not sit still until he gets to play on the floor. † Ollie loves canelope (sp) but his favorite food is still bananas. I'm not sure of the brand of pelleted food that I use from the top of my head, but he is eating it again. He is also getting Pedialite mixed with water. † Thanks! Elizabeth

Holland Lop doe (7 weeks)
Owner:Juli - CO


I thought you might like to know the bunny(pumpkin) is doing great! We are have fun and she seems to enjoy her new home. My daughter comes home Sunday and we can't wait for her to see it. Everyone who has seen the bunny wants one. I Gave them your website. Thanks again! We will send you a picture sometime! Juli - CO

Double Mane Sable Chinchilla Lionhead Buck(9 weeks)
Owner: Laura Jayne - NM

Here is Mr. Sprocket hanging out on my quilt. He is soooo sweet! And I simply love his color and the way his mane juts out over his forehead. Just too cute! Thank you again for another beautiful Lionhead. Laura Jayne - NM

Double Mane Chinchilla Lionhead Doe (3 Mo)
Owner:Shelly - WY

My parents finally got home and got my bunnies to me. I had never seen a lionhead in "person". I am sooooo happy with both of them. She has growled a few times but since she got here we have been holding her on our laps and she has been a sweetheart. Thank you so very much. Shelly - WY

Double Mane Orange Lionhead Doe (5 Mo)
Owner:Johanna - KS

Just taken the other day. Check out her bangs :o) So cute. She loves to dig in the dirt... Johanna - KS

Double Mane Orange Lionhead Buck (4 Mo)
Owner: Chrisy - IN
We had a show in Huntington, IN on New Years Eve. We were the only ones that entered to show, but he only got good comments. Actually, I overheard the judges talking before they judged Lionheads and this judge said rarely does he see one that he doesnít have to DQ. Well I am proud to say not only did he not get DQíd but he got rave reviews. Good Job, give yourself a hand at good breeding! I really canít stress enough how much we love Serengetti. He even had his picture taken with Santa this year at an Animal Shelter Fund Raiser. We had a hard time convincing a couple of people he wasnít a guinea pig though. LOL! It is a Polaroid and we havenít tried to scan it yet. If it does scan we will put it on our web site. Thanks for everything. Chrisy - IN
Double Mane Orange Lionhead Doe (8 weeks)
Owner: Laura Jayne - NM
Just wanted to let you know that Buttercup is doing really well. She is the sweetest, smartest, and most friendly bunny I have ever had! She stays indoors--has her own crate, but comes out when I am on the computer(which is quite a bit).
I could kick myself for not buying a buck while I was up there!!
Anyway, Buttercup loves banana(she even sits up for it), and nasturtium leaves, along with her regular rabbit pellets.
Here's a picture of her sitting up for her favorite treat---banana
Thank you again Laura Jayne - NM
Holland Lop buck (8 weeks)
Owner: Rachel - CO


I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know how much our family is enjoying the lop we bought from you about a month ago. †We take him to the park on his leash and harness, we had Easter pictures taken with him and he loves to play.† He and my 12 month old have the best game; she crawls to him and then squeals and crawls away.† Then he turns and runs next to her while she laughs and laughs.† He is so loving, even to the little girls (who Iím sure scare him sometimes)!† He even comes up to them and will lay down so they can pet and kiss him. †He is a wonderful pet and we love him so much!† Thanks again! -The Shirk family- CO
Himilayan and Seal Netherland Doe sisters
Owner: Kathy - CO


Just wanted to send an update on our bunnies (Oct 3rd litter.) Our little black "Spooky" is still hyper as can be and is very entertaining. She can't sit still and is forever exploring - often getting herself into mischief. The himilayan, "Chula", is our cuddle bunny. She'll sit on our laps for ages soaking up the attention. Battles for dominance kicked in at about three months and she has now been declared supreme ruler of the hutch! We found an easy remedy for her aggressive behavior....let them run free on the carpeting to build up static and when she tries to nip her sister she gets a shock on the nose. Works a bit like a dog collar and they now get along just fine. We decided they needed more space to burn off energy and these very spoiled little bunnies now have the spare bedroom to themselves. They spend the day romping around the room and love jumping up and down from the bed or tunneling under the blankets and popping out the other side. They can oft en be found asleep up on the bed and my husband gives me no end of teasing about our posh little bunnies. Thankyou again for these lovely little critters. Kathy - CO